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India is a vast and populous country. The spectrum of childhood neurological disorders in India differs from the developed countries. Central nervous system infections like pyogenic meningitis, viral encephalitis, tuberculous meningitis, neurocysticercosis, rabies and cerebral malaria constitute important cause of neurological morbidity. Epilepsy, development delay, cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder are important non-infectious causes of neurologic disability. The load of these disorders is enormous. However, it is important that a significant proportion of these disorders are potentially preventable or treatable. With scarcity of child neurologists in India, child neurology as a sub-speciality of paediatrics is in its formative years. This review describes the brief overview of burden of some important childhood neurological disorders and status of child neurology in India.


India Asia child neurology epilepsy Neurocycercosis

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Sahu, J. (2017). Child Neurology in India: Challenges and Opportunities. Journal of the International Child Neurology Association, 1(1).


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