JICNA operates a continuous publication model, which emphasises the online version as the authoritative record and ensures peer reviewed papers can be cited immediately.

How to cite an article
Instead of using page numbers to cite an article within a volume, a unique article identifier is used. This identifier uses the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) suffixes replacing the dots with hyphens which is available on every article page.

A citation to an article in the new continuous publication format should therefore look like this:

Raskin JS, Parnes M, Lam S. Progressive chorea and dystonia associated with a large arteriovenous malformation. JICNA [Internet]. 2019Oct.4 [cited 2019Dec.21];1(1). Available from: https://jicna.org/index.php/journal/article/view/jicna-2019-148

Mistakes in articles
Continuous publication means that papers are published online as the final and complete version of record. Therefore papers cannot be corrected for typos or minor errors.

Major errors that affect the data or overall conclusions of a paper need to be addressed by a second paper, with a new DOI and citation details, published as a correction to the first. Readers can click on the CrossMark logo on each paper to check if any corrections have been published.