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:Infarction of the basal ganglia after minor head injury  is a  well described entity .’Mineralising angiopathy’ is a term to describe mineralisation along  the lenticulostriate vessels that predisposes infants to stroke,even after trivial head injury.(1)The prognosis in these children is excellent.The supratentorial compartment is relatively mobile in comparision to the fixed infratentorial compartment  offering greater shearing forces between the perforating vessels and the brain parenchyma following  an acute trauma.(2)The acute angulation of the lenticulostriate perforators is further responsible for its propensity of the basal ganglia for the insult.(3) The current report is unique as it presents a young boy with hemorrhagic stroke in the   basal ganglia after a trivial trauma and  imaging findings suggestive of mineralising angiopathy


basal ganglia infarct mineralising angiopathy lenticulostriate vessels

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Sireesha, Y., Ali, N., Neeharika, M., & Kanikannan, M. A. . (2019). A rare case of hemorrhagic mineralising angiopathy after trivial head trauma. Journal of the International Child Neurology Association, 1(1).


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