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The year 2017 represents the third year of the Journal of International Child Neurology Association (JICNA). In 2015 we assessed 9 papers and accepted 6 papers for publication. In 2016, we assessed 8 papers and accepted 7 papers for publication. To date we published 7 research papers, 5 review papers and 2 case reports.

There have been considerable challenges in setting up a journal. These challenges include identifying reviewers who produce timely reviews, persuading people to submit research based papers, copy editing and issues with the software. We have sorted out the latter two issues. Papers are sent out to at least two reviewers, often one reviewer produces a time review, but chasing the other review is often time consuming, and review and thus publication. We would really encourage members of International Child Neurology Association (ICNA) to let us know if they would be willing to review papers in a timely manner and on what subjects they would be willing to review papers.

We would like to invite members of ICNA to consider becoming section editors for the journal. This does involve a commitment, and we have suggested the following criteria:

  1. contribute at least two papers (one research and one review);
  2. review at least two papers within 2 weeks;
  3. be prepared to help people from low resource areas to analyse and write up their research;
  4. and have acknowledged expertise in the area of section (reference from another person in the field). 
This does represent considerable commitment in terms of time and energy. Please contact us if you would like to be and can commit to be a section editor.

The JICNA is the journal of ICNA, and was set up with the following aims: i) to promote child neurology throughout the world, in particular encourage papers from low and middle income countries, who find it difficult to have their papers accepted by the more established journals; ii) to provide peer review scientifically sound papers on child neurology; iii) to be open access, so that papers can be accessed from anywhere in the world; iv) to be free as long as feasible, so to encourage papers from low and middle income countries. In order to achieve these goals it is important that members of ICNA contribute to making this a rigorous and vibrant journal. We encourage all members to contribute to this journal, by submitting papers (particularly research papers), reviewing papers in a timely manner and if they have the time and energy put themselves forward as a section editor.



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