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Sydenham Chorea remains a common disease entity in developing countries. There is a need for a structured treatment protocol and adequate follow up in these countries.


In this study 23 patients form the Maputo Central Hospitals (MCH), and diagnosed with Sydenham Chorea, were treated with a standardized protocol (penicillin and prednisone in the acute phase and monthly benzathine penicillin in the follow up).


With this treatment protocol 82 % of patients became symptom free. In 4 a recurrence was seen during follow up and this could be explained by low treatment compliance during the follow up.


With a standard treatment protocol, the majority of patients are cured. To avoid recurrences of SC, better follow up program should be advocated.


sydenham chorea antistreptolysin O jones criteria

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Wale, C., GN, S., Sulemane, D., & Lagae, L. (2022). Treatment of Sydenham Chorea in Mozambique. Journal of the International Child Neurology Association, 1(1).


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