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We present the comprehensive, multidisciplinary symptom management of two patients with infantile Krabbe disease. Krabbe disease is a rare autosomal recessive neurodegenerative condition, and is ultimately fatal. Initial symptoms and subsequent diagnoses of our patients are discussed. Supportive care for patients with this disease prioritizes symptomatic management of pain and irritability. Pharmacological management strategies are discussed including the implementation of various medications and doses, and proposed medication mechanisms of action in the context of Krabbe disease. Adverse effects of the introduction of morphine are discussed in one patient. Non-pharmacological management strategies including therapy programs are also discussed including the utilization of splinting, seating, and positioning. Patients with Krabbe disease benefit from a comprehensive team of multidisciplinary medical professionals. 

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Yang, D., Gnanakumar, V., Spencer, A., & Livingstone, M. (2022). Krabbe Disease: Two cases of multidisciplinary symptom management. Journal of the International Child Neurology Association, 1(1).